My Gluten-Free List

There are select number of stores that I shop. I listed the shops below and what I buy there. If there are specific things that are gluten free but are not all natural, I list them as well. Not only do I buy gluten free, but I also buy only organic, all natural and in the case of meat, grass fed. I hope this helps the gluten free newbies of the world. I update this list weekly so let me know if there is a product you buy.

In general, I eat nothing with artificial flavoring, preservatives, fillers, or color dyes. I stay away from anything labeled fat free, low fat, or low calorie. Yes, technically, it is those things. This is because it removes the fat and calories and replaces it with other types of binding agents to keep the consistency. Remember, our bodies need fat and calories. It just does not need an obscene amount. All in moderation.

Products I buy that are grocery store specific
* Annie Dijon Mustard
* Horizon dairy products
* Sargento cheese
* Udis brand breads
* Rudis brand breads
* Against the grain breads
* Oikos plain yogurt (I do not buy non or low fat)
* Chobani plain yogurt
* The Greek Gods yogurt’
* KIND brands
** Kind bars and kind granola are awesome
* Spices
** If I do not dry my own spices, I either get them from whole foods, earth fare or I buy McCormicks. I have branched out some and have bought spices from local ethnic grocers. I will look at the labels and add them. Everything I find, I either search on the internet or call/email the manufacturer.

Harris Teeter
Gluten Free, All Natural, Organic products I buy:
* Daisy Sour Cream
* Horizon Whole Milk
* Horizon heavy whipping cream
* Organic Valley Whole Milk
* Sargento Slice and Shredded cheese
* Boars Head Bacon
* Country Crock Butter with no additives
* Hellmans Mayonaise
** This bothers me a little bit I love mayo and have yet to make my own that tastes good.

Earth Fare
Gluten Free, All Natural, Organic products I buy:
* Mad hava Agave Nectar
* Erewhon Cereal
* Earth Balance Peanut Butter (remember, nothing with additives)

Gluten Free Labelled Products I do not buy:
* Prego products
* Goddess Dressings
* Ore-Ida potatoes
** These used not to bother me but now it does. I found that slicing fresh potatoes tastes better anyway.
* Philadelphia Cream Cheese
** This also started making me swell a few months ago. So, a homemade cheese recipe coming soon.